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We've been working hard at putting together our new performance review module which is now ready to be tested by anyone who wishes to do so - we can't promise it's perfect yet, but it will be soon! We've also taken a bit of time to add some improvements to our OKRs so that users can continue to enjoy and level up their OKR usage.

OKR Updates

Our latest updates to OKRs comes in the form of improving KRs. You now have the ability to assign owners and weightings to KRs. This means you can identify a KR as more (or less) important than the others on the objective - and since everyone likes their own scale, the weighting is simply relative to the other objectives.

Key result owners allow you to identify who is in responsible for updating and/or managing that KR.

We have also added the ability for OKRs to track the progress of their child objectives as if it were a key result. Simply select the Child Objective type KR, and either select an existing child objective, or create a new one.

Performance Reviews

This one is exciting to us... We have always felt we need to easily tie all of Hirebook's features together into a single screen for performance. Our performance review feature finally does that, and more!

The basic process for the performance review is:

  1. Set up preliminary self, manager, and peer assessments

  2. Run assessments

  3. Have performance review meeting

  4. Gather results

The preliminary assessments can be fully customized for each stakeholder, and become part of the performance review meeting once completed. The performance review meeting includes a customizable agenda, the self/peer/manager assessments, and any relevant work in Hirebook (tasks, KPIs, OKRs), all on a single screen. Once the review is completed, a snapshot is saved of the performance at that moment, and can be referenced later to view historical performance and more.

We'll be continuing to update performance reviews and our other features over the coming months - please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns!

Thanks for reading.

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