Once Asana is connected to your Hirebook account you will be able to use the integration to select your Asana Projects as Hirebook Key results. This way the progress of the key result will get automatically updated when you update the project in Asana.

To track an Asana Project in a Hirebook objective add a new key result and select the type Track Asana Project from the drop-down list.

Then select the Project from the drop-down list and click the checkbox

Once you save the objective the key result will pull the progress of the project. If you need to update the key result in the future simply click sync next to the key result.


Once the Asana is connected with Hirebook each user must manage the individual integration, to achieve this

Go to your profile

Click connect

A message will appear that now asana is connected to your profile

If you go to the task section in the tab “My Tasks” now you will be able to see that the Tasks you own in Asana are now showing in your list of Tasks in Hirebook and that a new button has appeared “Sync Tasks”. Every time you click on the button the tasks you own in Asana will get updated in Hirebook.

You can also sync the tasks you created in Hirebook so they are shown in Asana, in order to achieve this once you are adding a new task you will need to make sure the Sync button is on and then select the project where you want to add the task too.

Once you add the task, it will show both in Asana and in Hirebook

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