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Are you tired of being restricted to only text answers for your check-ins? Well we have a solution for you! We’ve just added four new question types for you to use: single selection, multiple selection, dropdown, and scale. This should give you a lot more flexibility in the questions you ask, and how you ask them. We have also made some quality of life improvements for OKRs - decimal places are properly shown in your KRs, and you can have negative targets.

Check-in Questions

In the Module Setup, on the Check-in Setup tab, you can now add a variety of different questions. These questions can also be sent to a specific audience, whether it’s the whole org, a team, or an individual. The extra customizability should give you a lot more power as a manager to get insights on the team and how they are feeling.

KR Improvements

We heard your feedback and knew we needed to make some upgrades to key results in Hirebook. With this update, you can add as many, or as few decimal places as you would like and Hirebook will appropriately represent it on your progress. This means you can finally manage those processes that move only finite amounts during a quarter, or track to the critical level of accuracy that you need.

You can also now set your targets to be negative numbers, which should help with those KRs where you have no other way of defining them.

Hopefully these changes will help you as a manager and as a user. Over the next few sprints, we look forward to continuing to improve check-ins, and transitioning that functionality into more advanced surveys for your organization. Like always, don’t hesitate to message us in the chat if you’d like to hear more, or need assistance with Hirebook!

Thanks for reading!

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