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Anyone who is an admin has probably experienced the pain of changing your org structure around and managing users (us included). We decided it was finally time to make an improvement and clarify where your Check-ins are actually going. We’ve also made some changes to OKR ownership - you can add contributors to objectives to show the cross-functional work that needs to be done.

Managing Users

In the Org Structure settings, you will now find an extra column for an employee’s manager. Hopefully this is a super simple way for HR managers or admins to restructure your organization.

With this change comes a number of other implications:


OLD - We used to send a check-in to all team reviewers. So if you were on 4 teams, and there were different reviewers on all of those teams, all 4 reviewers would receive your check-in each week.

NEW - Only your manager receives your check-in. You can be on as many teams as you would like, but the reviewers will not receive your check-in. (You can finally complain to your boss about the teams you’re on)

Org Chart

OLD - Admittedly this was confusing... To make a change in the org chart, an admin needed to change the user’s team, then the user would have to go to their profile and change their manager to the new team reviewer, and finally the org chart change would be complete.

NEW - An admin or the user can change their manager, and it will be immediately reflected in the org chart. We also have the option to assign managers to users who don’t have one, directly from the org chart page.

Objective Contributors

Having owners on objectives was a great first step, but the owner doesn’t usually do all of the work. They need support from their team, peers, or boss in order to succeed. Now when you create a new OKR, or edit a current one, you’ll find contributors in the top right hand corner. You can select an entire team, or specific members to join on and contribute to your objectives. By default, creating a team objective will add all of the team members as contributors.

That’s all for now - thanks to everyone for using Hirebook and helping us continuously improve.

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