Hi All,

This sprint has been an important one for moving our OKR functionality and role management forwards: we finally have implemented owners on objectives. For our current users, what this means is that all of your team and company objectives will automatically have been assigned an owner based on the team’s reviewer. Not to worry, you can reassign ownership to anyone in the team, or for company objectives, anyone in the company.

Objective Owners

Team objectives are great, but it’s not always up to the team leader to manage every objective, especially in an agile team. To solve this, we’ve added the ability to assign an owner to team objectives. Whether it’s you, your boss, your coworker, or your dog, if they’re on your team, they can now own a team objective!

When you create a new objective, you’ll find the objective owner field now remains available when selecting company or team level objectives.

You can then see who is the owner and their profile picture on the Objectives page.

Objectives at Quarter-End (again)

We’ve made a few UX improvements to build on our last update’s quarter-end objective process. It’s now much more clear when an objective is overdue with the added notification in red. The buttons in the bottom right corner are also more clear, where we either edit, copy, close, or copy and close.

Thank you for checking out our new features, we’ll be back soon with more improvements to objective owners, searching, and more!

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