Release Notes - June 30, 2021

Hi All,

The quarter end is here (for most of us) and we hope you’ve hit all of your targets! Not to worry if you didn’t, we’ve got a number of features lined up for you that should help make next quarter even more awesome! If it isn’t your quarter-end, not a problem, we can now handle it with custom quarters, and for those of you who are at the end of the quarter, we are rolling out easier ways to move OKRs into next quarter. We also have added the ability to edit your objective assessments so you don’t need to be reminded of that one typo, and lastly we have improved the mobile responsiveness of our Check-ins so that you can more easily fill them out on the go!

Custom Quarters

For the dedicated OKR users who wish to operate on a different calendar year, we have introduced the ability to change the start and end dates for your quarters. You’ll find the settings inside of Module Setup, and navigate to the OKR Setup tab. All you have to do is choose when you would like each quarter to start and end, and your OKR preset dates will fill in accordingly as you create your new OKRs.

Objectives at Quarter-End

Now that you’ve established when your quarters actually end, it’s always good to reflect on what went well and what went poorly with your OKRs during the quarter. Some OKRs will be complete, others may need another quarter to work on them, or maybe it’s an OKR that will always be around. To help make the transition to next quarter easier (or just copy off your coworkers), we’ve added the ability to clone objectives and bring them into the next quarter. This way you can spend less time preparing for the work you’re going to do, and more time doing it.

Improved Mobile Responsiveness

For the user who’s always on the move or maybe just the user who forgot to submit their check-in until they were on their way home from the office, we’re continuing to make improvements to our mobile user experience. The first pages we targeted were the Check-in and User Profile pages, with plans to move to OKRs and Tasks soon. So next week when you submit your check-in, try it out on mobile and let us know how you feel!

Edit Objective Assessments

Typos, wrong information, thinking you were typing somewhere else… All reasons why you might want to edit an assessment and put in the correct information. The good news is that you can now do exactly that! In the assessment area for an objective, simply click the menu on the right and side, and select Edit, then edit your assessment and comment.

That’s all we have for you for now, but be sure to check back soon for our next set of updates!

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