A task is an activity that needs to be accomplished within a defined period of time or by a deadline to work towards work-related goals.

The Tasks section is divided into two tabs.

The first tab is called My Tasks, where you can create and assign tasks for yourself. You can edit, delete, and resolve tasks.

The second tab is called Team Tasks and is available only for reviewers. Here the reviewers can assign and visualize all the completed and pending tasks for each of their employees.

Creating Tasks

To create a new task, go to the Tasks section. Under the My Tasks tab, click Add Task.

Fill the required information:

  • Title: Name of your task.

  • Description: Details of your task (optional).

  • Due Date: The day by which the task must be completed.

  • Assignee: Select from the drop-down list the user who will be assigned the task.

When you’re done adding the task details, click Add.

The new task will appear in the My Tasks tab if you assign it to yourself or in Team Tasks tab if you assign it to your team members.

Editing Tasks

To edit a task, click the edit icon under Actions. The task window will appear; from there you can edit the title, description, due date, and assignee.

Deleting Tasks

To delete a task, simply click the trash icon under Actions. Be aware that this action can’t be undone.

Completing Tasks

To mark a task as complete, click the checkbox at the left of each task. The task will disappear from the list. To see completed tasks, click the checkbox at the top-left corner called Show done.

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