Release Notes - May 18, 2021

Hi All,

We are back once again with some exciting updates. If you’ve already created your company account, you might not notice this first one, but you’ll appreciate the change - we’ve finally updated our signup process to make it less of a hassle! Our other major change should be felt by everyone. It’s finally time to throw away the sticky notes surrounding your computer screen, because we have just added Tasks into Hirebook!

Signing up to Hirebook

Choose how you’d like to sign up to Hirebook - we recommend Google or Microsoft if your company uses them, otherwise register with your work email.

Then, simply name your new organization, and you’re in.

You’ll then see your dashboard with your onboarding checklist on the right hand side. Complete those steps and you’ll be all set up for success!


We want to make everyone’s lives easier, and the way we can do that is by making Hirebook the one tool you need for work. Being the one tool you need means everything is in one place, so that’s why we’ve added tasks into Hirebook. We want to keep track of the work you do from the strategic level, all the way down to the individual day-to-day items that move the needle forward.

When you create your task, you’ll be able to name the task, add a description, set a due date, and assign an owner. The owner can be assigned to anyone in your team.

You can also add tasks from within a Meeting, where you can assign the task to anyone who is currently in the meeting with you.

We hope you enjoy our new sign up process, and start driving results using tasks! We can’t wait to show you what we’re coming up with next!

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