Release Notes - April 20, 2021

It has been a month since we last updated you, and we have some exciting changes that have gone into Hirebook! General quality of life improvements have been made throughout the system, with the most significant being the addition of notification settings. No one wants to get spammed, whether on email or Slack, so now you can set up your notifications to fit your needs. So what's new? Team meetings! Team meetings allow you to run all of your meetings from inside of Hirebook. Invite your team members, create your agenda, then link your KPIs, and OKRs.

Notification Update

Choose which notifications you would like to receive from your profile. If slack has not been enabled with your organization, the checkboxes will be greyed out.

Once you’ve made the desired changes, just click Save changes and you’re all set!


You may have noticed 1-on-1s has been renamed to Meetings in your navigation bar on the left. You can now find 1-on-1 Meetings, and the new Team Meetings within that area.

Team meetings function almost exactly like your 1-on-1s used to, except now your whole team can join in on the fun! We have also added the ability to link OKRs and KPIs.

We have some exciting new features coming up in the next few months, so be sure to look out for them inside Hirebook!

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