Release Notes - March 9, 2021

We’ve just released some exciting new functionality this week. Our new update focuses on some upgrades to the Org Chart, Key Results, and dashboard, and added the ability to filter your objectives. Details below!

Org Chart

The org chart has a new look! More importantly, it can now easily handle large organizations up to 100,000 people.

You can finally expand and collapse different parts of the org chart, and easily find each employee’s OKRs, teams, and check-in scores.

Drag, zoom, slide, or whatever you want! You can now easily navigate around the organization.

Key Results

You now have the ability to measure KRs within a target range. This is important for your key results where they are critical to track, but you are trying to remain safely within a range.

Think about server uptime - you probably can’t get 100%, but as long as you’re between 99% - 100%, everyone is happy!

Try not to slip too far out of your target range or your KR will turn red.


You can now rearrange your dashboard to put the most important things for you at the top. Drag and drop the tiles in your dashboard to create a custom view just for you!

Filtering Objectives

Ever find yourself digging through your organization’s objectives trying to find the right one(s)? Maybe you were trying to find all of the “At Risk” objectives? Well we thought we should make that easier for you.

Navigate to the objectives page and go to the ALL tab.

Here you’ll find a set of new filters at the top of the page where you can search by objective, owner, status, assessment, and period.

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