To complete an objective, users must check off all its key results.

If a user is assigned an objective, contributes to the objective, or belongs to a team to which an objective is assigned, then that user can check off key results.

From the Objectives section, click the down arrow on the right side of each objective.

Using the edit icons on the right, add data on the completion of each key result.

Alternatively, you can add a comment.

The status bars on the right give the percentage of completion for an objective and for each key result within the objective. The status of the objective is simply the average of the status of each key result.

For example:

  • If an objective has two key results with equal weighting that are 50% and 100% complete, respectively, the objective’s status will show as 75% complete.

  • If an objective has two key results that are 50% and 100% complete, with weightings of 4 and 1 respectively, the objective's status will show as 60% complete. (4x50% + 1x100%) / (4+1) = 60%

When all key results are reached, the objective will be marked as 100%.

Key results can also be conveniently checked off in the Dashboard section.

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