To filter objectives, go to the Objectives section.

The My Objectives tab shows all objectives assigned to you.

The Objectives I Contribute To tab shows all of the objectives that you don't own directly but your work contributes to the success of the objective or specific key results.

The All tab shows all objectives within your organization.

Under Status, you can filter objectives by their progress status:

  • On track

  • Behind

  • At risk

Click Show future to see future objectives. Click Show closed to view objectives that have been completed and archived.

Additional filters are found under the All tab. You can filter objectives by:

  • Level: Company; Teams; Individual

  • Owner name: Filter all objectives assigned to a specific user or team.

  • Status: On track; Behind; At risk

  • Assessment: Any; No assessment; On track; Behind; At risk

  • Period: Select a time period and filter all objectives due within that period.

  • User: Select a user to view all objectives where the user is an owner or contributor.

You can view objectives either as a list or as a tree diagram. The tree diagram is shown below:

The tree diagram is most useful for viewing parent and child objectives. It also displays how objectives are allocated within your organization as a whole.

The Start from filter lets you quickly select an objective and view all its child objectives.

Finally, click Reset all to clear the filters.

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