Admins can add and edit teams in the Teams tab of the Org Structure section.

Use the widget on the left to search existing teams. Create a new team with the Add new team button.

Choose a team name and click Submit.

After that, click Add team members to add users to the new team.

Select a user with their name or email and click Add. If you plan on joining the team yourself, don’t forget to add your name.

Be aware that users must be added to your organization’s Hirebook workspace before being added to a team. See Adding Users to Your Organization for more information.

Once all desired users have been added, click Save to add them to the new team.

Your new team is now visible in the Teams tab.

Choose a reviewer for the team using the checkboxes on the right. For more, see Reviewer Overview.

Use the x buttons on the right to remove users from the team.

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