Reviewers can review and follow up on check-ins from their employees.

Click the Employee Check-ins tab in the Check-in section. Find the check-in you want and click Review on the right.

You can now respond to each check-in question.

Click Add to 1-on-1 agenda if you want to discuss the question further with the employee. This will create a draft meeting. Once you are done reviewing the check-in, go to the Meetings section to fill out the details and officially schedule the meeting. See the articles on Meetings for more details.

Click Follow-up to add comments to the various questions of the check-in. This is useful for having brief conversations with the employee. You can view these conversation threads later in the Follow-ups tab.

When you’re done reviewing the check-in, click Mark as reviewed at the bottom of the page. The employee will now be able to see your review and reply to your follow-up comments.

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