An admin is a Hirebook user with administrative privileges. Admins are responsible for setting up their organization’s Hirebook workspace.

Specific responsibilities of admins include:

  • Adding users

  • Creating user roles

  • Creating teams

  • Setting up check-ins

  • Setting up KPIs

  • Integrating external applications such as Slack and Rippling

Additionally, one admin must serve as the owner of the organization. By default, the creator of the Hirebook workspace is designated as the owner.

Most administrative work is done in the Module Setup, Org Structure, and Organization Settings sections of Hirebook.

Only admins fully can access these sections. However, reviewers can access limited parts of these sections.

Admin privileges can be changed in the Users tab of the Org Structure section. Only current admins can grant admin privileges to users.

An admin will typically also be a reviewer of a team in the organization, but this is not required.

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