Admins can invite new users to their organization’s Hirebook workspace. To do this, go to the Users tab in the Org Structure section.

Click the Add Users button. Enter the new user’s email address and click Continue.

Choose their user Role and click Submit.

This will send the user an email invitation to join your organization on Hirebook.

When the user accepts the invitation, they will appear in the Users tab and their status will switch to Active.

You can also import groups of users from Rippling or from a CSV file. To do this, click Import Users.

Under Select source, choose either Rippling or CSV file. If you choose Rippling, enter your API key. If you are unsure how to locate your Rippling API key, see this guide.

If you choose CSV file, import a file by clicking the search bar. Optionally, click Download CSV template to obtain a sample template for your CSV file. Note that your CSV file must contain the following fields:

  • Email

  • Team

  • Reviewer/Manager

When you’re ready, click Continue. You will have an opportunity to check your organization’s structure and select all the users you would like to import. Once everything looks correct, click Finish.

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