This article covers the basics of how to use check-ins. To learn how to set up check-ins, seeCheck-in Setup.

Check-ins allow reviewers and employees to communicate on a regular basis. For example, during a check-in, employees can share progress, raise possible concerns, and discuss upcoming objectives with their reviewers.

Employees will see that the Check-in section is divided into two tabs:

  • Current Check-in: Complete your own check-ins and submit them to your reviewer.

  • Follow-ups: Follow up on check-ins from employees or from teams.

Reviewers will see one additional tab:

  • Team Check-ins: Check-ins from your team that needs to be reviewed.

Use the Filters widget on the left to sort check-ins by employee, current status, or week.

Finally, Owners will see one last tab:

  • All Check-ins: Check-ins from the entire organization.

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