A reviewer/manager is the user responsible for managing a team. Each team has at least one designated reviewer.

Reviewers are chosen in the Teams tab of the Org Structure section.

If you intend to serve as a reviewer, contact an admin of your organization and ask them to make you a reviewer of a team.

The reviewer can assign objectives, set up check-ins, create KPIs, and schedule meetings with employees on the team.

Reviewers can see what teams they review in the Dashboard, in the All Teams widget.

In this example, Leo Reinhardt is the reviewer of Leo’s team.

Teams in Hirebook are organized in a hierarchy. A reviewer on one team may be a member of another team higher up in the organization, which in turn has its own reviewer.

Finally, be aware that reviewers who are NOT admins CAN access the Module Setup section. However, all they can do is set up check-ins and KPIs for their employees or their team.

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